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Real-world evidence and real-world impact call for the first-hand perspectives of people. We bring the patient voice to the table as the most important stakeholder in any and every agreement.

HealthCore utilizes a unique mix of expertise, data, and relationships in the design and conduct of patient-centered research for the purpose of improving patient health and outcomes. Together with others, we’re building a clearer view and better understanding of the individual’s healthcare experience.

Working Across Industries

Our multidisciplinary teams have a long history of working with a variety of stakeholders such as life sciences companies, government agencies, academia, medical institutions, foundations, advocacy groups, and other contract research organizations. We are well versed in multi-stakeholder collaborations.

Working Across Applications

Our research scientists can contribute to specific needs across the project spectrum – from design through dissemination. We have expertise in identifying and outreaching to patients as well as obtaining the regulatory permissions necessary for doing so.

Qualitative PCR Studies
Informing meaningful research solutions with rich, in-depth insights. Our extensive experience with qualitative methodologies allows individuals to explain their experiences and perceptions in their own words, generating first-hand insight. Our expertise includes designing and conducting interviews, focus groups, cognitive debriefing, and patient/diary journal. The hands-on approach HealthCore applies towards meeting study objectives may include ethnographic field work, PROM development and validation, and resource and product evaluation and development.
Quantitative PCR Studies
Collecting and analyzing numeric data for statistical analysis. We utilize direct-to-patient methodologies including survey-based research, hypothesis testing, and panel studies paired with the latest technologies including embedded video content, smart-phone apps, wearables, and other data and device-related integrations.
Mixed Method Studies
Conducting hybrid studies and combining patient-centered with non-patient centered research designs. Through these designs, we often increase efficiency – from first patient in to milestone results, decrease burden on providers and/or patients, or reduce overall cost of data collection. We use our expertise to combine any number of methodologies to generate more comprehensive and multidimensional insights and answers to complex research questions.
Panel Studies
Conducting longitudinal surveys measuring consumer opinions, feelings, or thoughts over time. We choose target audiences in panel surveys for study and gather data points repeatedly at different points during the study.
Direct-to-Patient Studies
Leveraging the HealthCore data ecosystem and longstanding collaborations to identify cohorts of interest and enrolling them in research projects with or without the interaction of a site. Utilizing the robust data found in the HealthCore database, we can target patients based on characteristics such as medication use, procedure history, and other factors, and directly recruit into multiple research design studies using in-house contact information via mail, phone, and e-mail.
PROM Development and Validation
Using our expertise and clinical collaborations in adherence with the FDA Guidelines for development and validation of Patient Reported Outcome Measures (PROM). We complete rigorous PROM development – from conceptual framework to item generation, item reduction, scale formation, and clinical validation using traditional psychometric methods.
Survey-Based Research
Delivering actionable evidence to better guide current disease management and assist in the development of new therapeutic or biomedical technologies. We provide access to a level of patient and clinician-reported information not found in other large-scale sources of health data including medical and pharmacy claims, paper-based and electronic medical records, and disease registries.
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