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Gaining Insights into Clinician Use of Web-Based Training Tools for the Treatment of PTSD

February 2020 | Written by Julia Coleman

Post-traumatic stress disorder, or PTSD, is a disorder that develops after a particularly shocking, scary, or dangerous event, and is frequently associated with experiences resulting from military conflict.

The number of veterans with PTSD varies by service area, with an estimated 30 percent identified with the disorder in their lifetime. PTSD can impact individuals differently depending on their experiences.

Though many clinical practice guidelines exist for the treatment of PTSD, exposing a broad range of mental health practitioners to this information has been difficult.

HealthCore’s Digital Research Solutions team developed and later evaluated the effectiveness of the PTSD Clinicians Exchange – a comprehensive website or “digital tool” to support clinicians treating veterans and active duty military personnel with PTSD.

The Exchange, conceptualized through interviews with clinicians and combined with scientific expertise, contains clinically relevant information and resources supporting the delivery of 26 selected evidence-based and promising emerging practices. It includes collaborative features linking clinicians with colleagues and experts, as well as resources for reducing burnout and supporting clinician well-being.

We conducted a randomized controlled trial to evaluate the Exchange and explore how a subset of clinicians who utilized the tool engaged with it by examining detailed individual-level web analytics and qualitative feedback. By capturing usage metrics at the individual user level, we were able to look at the relationship between each participant’s website engagement and corresponding changes in outcomes.

This article, published in Military Medicine, provides a rare and honest look at how a web-based tool was objectively used in the context of a research study and why this matters.

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Julia Coleman
Digital Research Solutions Program Manager
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