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Whether developing and evaluating evidence-based programs or determining the best approach to recruit and retain study participants, we start and end with understanding who we’re helping.

By understanding the end goal or desired experience of the user or study participant, we can deliver a better outcome. To meet your needs, we combine user experience with our deep scientific expertise, commitment to innovation, and solid partnerships to deliver solutions that are thoughtful, effective, efficient, and innovative. We build the best team to deliver the right tools to solve the right problem.

Industries We Serve Digital Research Solutions CAPABILITIES
Project Management
Helping deliver full service project management under the supervision of formally trained PMs who have hands-on experience running prospective and retrospective research studies. Our project managers are the primary point of contact for our clients, and our collaborative teams are built to the size, scope, and duration of each project to deliver study needs within the study requirements.
Literature Reviews
Establishing the current evidence by conducting searches of the published peer-reviewed literature and following procedures consistent with Effective Public Health Practice Project (EPHPP) guidelines. Through a systematic process we identify, appraise, collect, and describe the most current data in a systematic manner, summarized in a full report of key findings to provide background support for your study or submission.
Data Management
Working with high-quality and well-organized data are prerequisites to rapid and reliable hypothesis testing. With an extensive background in large-scale and long-term studies, and management of claims data, we offer clients unparalleled data management services. Our data managers work collaboratively within the project teams, and have a keen understanding that the data they manage are more than just numbers.
Media Campaigns
Working to translate complicated medical information to study sites, patients, providers, and healthcare decision makers. Our team works regularly with physicians, scientists, researchers, patients, and consumers to connect the dots between technology-based strategies and scientific knowledge. We deliver solutions across the spectrum of media, always appropriate to the audience we are reaching.
Statistical Design and Analysis
Helping to deliver reliable, thoughtful study designs based on the highest standards of accuracy and scientific rigor for confident hypothesis testing on-time and within budget. Our statistical teams partner with scientific experts to design prospective studies and claims based data analyses. A multidisciplinary background helps to meet your study goals with a broader understanding of the populations and conditions important to your research.
Qualitative Research
Providing deeper insights for researchers and policy makers who recognize the potential of qualitative methods to enhance our understanding of health and healthcare. Qualitative methods—such as in-depth interviews and focus groups—complement quantitative approaches by capturing the complexities of “how and why” not easily understood through survey alone.
Consensus Conferences
Establishing best practices in diagnostic and treatment approaches are often difficult to achieve, with little consensus among experts. Through our broad expertise and strong relationships with key opinion leaders, we have the expertise and relationships to convene consensus conferences on the state of the science to improve dissemination of best practices and identify gaps in the field. Our team has a systematic process for coordinating consensus conferences with national and global leaders to create the space for these important conversations.
Recruitment and Retention
Collaborating to deliver strategic plans for recruitment and retention by creating a consistent, coherent message that adds value to each stakeholder group no matter where you are in your study. Our team identifies the best approach to manage relationships between participants and site coordinators, and between sites and researchers.
Survey Based Research
Delivering actionable evidence to better guide current disease management and to assist in the development of new therapeutic or biomedical technologies. Through structured, semi-structured, or cognitive interviews and focus groups, we provide access to a level of patient and clinician-reported information not found in other large-scale sources of health data including medical and pharmacy claims, paper-based and electronic medical records, and disease registries.
Patient and Provider Outreach
Establishing a comprehensive sampling frame based on provider characteristics, patient eligibility status, prescription fills, and diagnoses or procedure codes from medical claims and laboratory test results. Our team of experts has deep familiarity with an extensive administrative claims repository to facilitate complex research designs. We are uniquely able to connect clinical and claims data and reach back to physicians and patients within these samples in ways others cannot.
Research Instruments
We have developed and validated several high quality research instruments, including the Physical Activity Scale for the Elderly (PASE). The PASE is an easily administered and scored research instrument that measures the level of physical activity in individuals aged 65 years or older. To learn more, or to purchase, please contact: Media@HealthCore.com

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Digital Research Solutions
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