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Comparative Effectiveness
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Comparative Effectiveness
Comparative Effectiveness

We know it is important to compare the benefits or risks of treatment alternatives using the most scientifically rigorous research. Our experts ensure that these studies answer the right questions for consumers, clinicians, purchasers of healthcare, insurers, and policy makers.

Because only 25% of treatments are based on rigorous evidence, additional methods are required to establish best practice based on current knowledge. The value of comparative effectiveness research is to provide a more complete picture on which to base treatment and policy decisions in the absence of this evidence. Our team has deep methodological expertise to design the most appropriate comparative effectiveness study to determine which treatments, diagnostic tests, public health strategies, and/or health services achieve the best outcomes. This expertise is combined with strong stakeholder relationships to ensure that these studies answer the right questions based on comprehensive data assets.

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Comparative Effectiveness CAPABILITIES
Project Management
Helping deliver full service project management under the supervision of formally trained PMs who have hands-on experience running prospective and retrospective research studies. Our project managers are the primary point of contact for our clients, and our collaborative teams are built to the size, scope, and duration of each project to deliver study needs within the study requirements.
Health Services Research
Offering a comprehensive understanding of the social and economic factors, system structures, and healthcare processes that affect patients’ utilization of healthcare and drive health outcomes. Our team has the expertise to assess the impact of these factors on the delivery, cost, and quality of care. This, combined with access to and understanding of diverse sources of linked data, provides a unique perspective to help you design and implement your study.
Large and Complex Database Analytics
Providing deep database expertise with medical claims, pharmacy claims, and laboratory results in collaboration with our data providers helps to ensure the validity and quality of the raw data. Scientific expertise integrating and harmonizing diverse data types and sources gives us an unparalleled understanding of the nuances of the data assets we manage.
Patient and Provider Outreach
Establishing a comprehensive sampling frame based on provider characteristics, patient eligibility status, prescription fills, and diagnoses or procedure codes from medical claims and laboratory test results. Our team of experts has deep familiarity with an extensive administrative claims repository to facilitate complex research designs. We are uniquely able to connect clinical and claims data and reach back to physicians and patients within these samples in ways others cannot.
Machine Learning
Providing supervised machine learning to deliver stronger studies with more reliable results is one way we can improve the quality of healthcare. Our team of research experts build predictive models in multidimensional electronic data to identify health outcomes and reduce bias from misclassification errors. We validate claims using medical records, disease registries, patient and provider surveys, focus groups, and clinical oncology data.
Survey Based Research
Delivering actionable evidence to better guide current disease management and to assist in the development of new therapeutic or biomedical technologies. Through structured, semi-structured, or cognitive interviews and focus groups, we provide access to a level of patient and clinician-reported information not found in other large-scale sources of health data including medical and pharmacy claims, paper-based and electronic medical records, and disease registries.
Medical Record Review and Abstraction
Establishing a more complete picture of the de-identified patients in your analysis with our ability to conduct in-depth medical record review and abstraction. We start with your objectives for the review and apply a standard, step-by-step methodology documenting the details that can provide important information for your study or the development of healthcare recommendations and guidelines.

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Comparative Effectiveness
New Study Finds PET Imaging Not Associated with Reduction in Downstream Healthcare Utilization and Spending Compared to Conventional Imaging

Cardiac PET, an imaging test for evaluation of coronary artery disease, is advocated by some nuclear cardiologists for its high imaging quality. As with any more costly technology, it is important to ask: is the additional cost of PET offset by reduced downstream costs or better outcomes? According to the results of a new study published in the Journal of Nuclear Cardiology, the answer is no.

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