(HealthCore Integrated Research Environment)

What distinguishes HealthCore is the broad and deep database of medical claims, pharmacy claims and laboratory results. Add to this the insights from our experienced research teams. We work closely with our data providers to ensure the validity and quality of the raw data with the ability to ask clarifying questions where necessary. Our scientific expertise in integrating and harmonizing diverse data types and sources gives us an unparalleled understanding of the nuances of the different data found within our environment.

Our ability to enhance and interpret claims data with clinical data such as patient-reported outcomes, medical charts and electronic medical records from different data sources, are ultimately used in research designs and methods.

HealthCore’s research expertise across a range of therapeutic areas and twenty years of experience conducting database analytics with these claims and clinical data, provide a level of insight otherwise unavailable to our clients.

Collectively, our large claims database with our ability to link to clinical data, coupled with our experienced research teams, make up the HIRE. Through our research environment, we provide a broad range of research services.