HealthCore Integrated Research Network (IRN®)

Helping Patients, Improving Decision-making, Advancing Medicine.

Real-world data and evidence is playing an increasingly larger role in health care decisions. Physicians need to know how treatments work for a wide range of patients in real-world settings and can’t always rely on results from smaller studies conducted under ideal conditions. The 21st Century Cures Act, passed into law in 2016, has also increased the need for non-traditional studies by placing additional focus on real-world data in regulatory decision-making. To address this growing need, HealthCore has established an Integrated Research Network (IRN®) to gather real-world data to improve health care decision-making.

The IRN is an ecosystem of payors, delivery systems, physicians, and patients that enables the rapid generation, implementation, and dissemination of evidence. By joining the IRN, physicians can:

  • Advance evidence-based medicine. As little as 15% of practicing medicine is based on clinical guidelines. Learnings from real-world studies can be generalized and applied in routine practice settings. They lead to treatments that conform to a patient’s lifestyle and genetic profile“precision medicine.”
  • Help patients. Study participants get access to free or reduced-cost innovative treatments and materials, and may be compensated for their time.
  • Participate with ease. Studies have been designed to be easily integrated into normal clinical practice with limited time and resources required. No previous research experience is required. HealthCore will fully support physicians and staff with IRN participation.
  • Generate additional income.Physicians and staff receive compensation for their professional services and administrative time.
  • Receive Professional Recognition. Physicians who participate may have access to a press release to send to local media and alumni and professional groups. They may also be offered a chance to co-author a paper or presentation as well as other professional recognition opportunities.


Help shape the future of health care as a member of the IRN. Sign-up now, or contact one our representatives for more information.

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Integrated research network, director
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Integrated research network, director
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