HealthCore Awarded PCORI Funding

Everywhere you look is evidence of the power of collaboration.  By bringing different entities together, we can accomplish things that would otherwise be impossible individually, and do things bigger and better than ever before.

On June 24, a press release on Business Wire announced HealthCore’s award of PCORI funding; plans to collaborate with PCORnet, the National Patient-Centered Clinical Research Network, on a large pragmatic clinical trial on aspirin dosing and observation studies in obesity.

The funding will support collaboration with the ADAPTABLE Aspirin Study, the first large pragmatic clinical trial comparing the daily dosing effectiveness of aspirin used to prevent heart attacks and strokes in people living with heart disease. The funding will also support longitudinal obesity studies through the integration of clinical data with administrative data.

While we can and will learn a great deal from studies like these, collaborations with PCORI and other Federal agencies allows us to contribute to a much larger picture, and be part of evidence development that ultimately informs decisions on some of the most pressing issues facing patients and providers within our health system.

We must continue working together to build out a real-world evidence environment for actionable information to guide the actions of decision makers –  and keep in mind that the establishment and growth of multi-stakeholder collaborations in the healthcare arena will be critical to accomplishing this much needed development effort.

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