HealthCore: 20 Years of Real-World Evidence

A Series of Studies Impacting Healthcare

This July, we celebrated our 20th anniversary as a real-world research company.  Having worked together with so many partners across the healthcare ecosystem, we are humbled to have had even a small part in contributing to healthcare today and helping it move into the future.

Twenty years ago, a time when the most popular television shows were ER and Seinfeld, everyone was doing the Macarena (so great that smart phones came later…), and Travelocity opened its services to regular consumers, we were two clinical pharmacists just beginning our journey as a small startup. Our mission to understand healthcare beyond the insight generated by clinical trials has evolved over the years into a dynamic company whose efforts have helped to shape the policies and practices of many influential healthcare decision-makers.

As is often the case with fast-moving, entrepreneurial companies, we haven’t spent nearly enough time celebrating our accomplishments. Today, we’re breaking out of that mold to fully appreciate at least a few of our many contributions to healthcare.

Over the next few blogs, we will be covering a number of our studies and how those results are being used by healthcare decision-makers to improve patient care. Through these blogs, we will seek to showcase the real-world value and impact of high-quality, real-world evidence and the potential it has to be transformative for healthcare.  As an industry we are just viewing the tip of the iceberg and are still very much paving the way for the conduct and, most importantly, the use of real-world evidence to better inform decisions.

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