A Guide to ISPOR DC

I look forward to the ISPOR Annual Meeting every year.  Apparently, I am not the only one, as several colleagues at HealthCore openly refer to the month of May as “ISPOR Season.”   There is so much to see, hear and learn, and I truly enjoy the flurry of activity around this meeting.  Given all that goes on, I was recently asked by a new employee what sessions I would consider “not to be missed.”

Whether you’re a seasoned researcher, recent grad, or a veteran of the industry, be sure to swing by the issue panels.  These are guaranteed to expand your horizons, challenge your way of thinking, and promote collaboration across diverse sectors of the healthcare industry.  As you will see, recent changes to regulation and remarkable advancements in technology provide many new concepts to consider, as well as many aged things to reconsider.

What is remarkable to me personally is the degree to which this set of issue panels focuses on key regulatory, Payor and even patient decisions makers.  Panel one, “Payers’ Use of Independent Reports in Decision Making – Will There be an ICER Effect?” and panel three, “What’s Next for Value Frameworks for Prescription Drugs?” for example – tackle evaluation frameworks that could end up with very broad utilization around the globe.

Like all decision making processes, however, I am curious as to how they will continue to evolve in dealing with the issue of a dearth of evidence relevant to particular populations and treatment settings that vary so greatly from the clinical trials.

As the industry seeks to establish a clear definition of value, and patients move ever closer to the center of the care model, I believe that real-world evidence will be of increasing importance to all stakeholders.

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