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Winnie C. Chi, PhD, MS

Director, Population Health, Translational Research

About Winnie

Dr. Winnie Chi directs health services research supporting payors to advance population health. Dr. Chi and her team generate evidence on solutions addressing healthy lifestyle, preventive care, chronic conditions management, care delivery transformation, and individuals’ experience of receiving care.

Her work also focuses on understanding the needs of underserved and vulnerable populations, addressing social determinants of health, and reducing health disparities. Dr. Chi has extensive experience working with policy makers in both public and private sectors to deliver evidence-based solutions.

Thought Leadership
JAMA Study Shows Utilization Management Increases Short-Course Radiation in Breast Cancer Patients Directly and Not Directly Exposed to Policy

Hypofractionated, or shorter-course radiation, is equally as effective as conventional, or longer-course radiation, for patients with early-stage breast cancer. It’s also more convenient with fewer side effects.

Program Evaluation
Physicians Treating Patients in PCMH’s Offered Enhanced Patient Care, Even during Early Transformation

Most patient-centered medical homes studies are limited to measuring whether patients have their cholesterol levels taken, receive their HbA1c testing, and reporting their values. HealthCore went beyond these to measure whether patients with diabetes and cardiovascular disease had better health outcomes.

Program Evaluation
Some Progress Made, but More to Do Ahead

With ADHD diagnosis and medication prescriptions on the rise, it is crucial to better understand the trend for diagnosis and treatment pattern for ADHD among American children over time.