Marcus Wilson, PharmD

Chief Analytics Officer, Anthem

About Marcus

Marcus Wilson, PharmD, is Chief Analytics Officer at Anthem and co-founder and former President of HealthCore. In his CAO role, Marcus has accountability for efforts to derive critical clinical and business insight from Anthem’s rich healthcare ecosystem to drive decisions for a broad range of healthcare stakeholders to improve healthcare quality, safety, access, and affordability. Marcus is charged with defining and implementing Anthem’s enterprise analytics strategy to support Anthem’s evolution as an Insights Driven Organization. Efforts include setting analytic priorities, building new analytic capabilities, and driving value creation through the coordination of business and technical resources. Marcus also has administrative oversight accountability for HealthCore, Inc., Anthem’s real-world evidence and outcomes research subsidiary that collaborates with various external stakeholders within the FDA, NIH, and life sciences industry, among others.

Marcus is also extensively involved in national policy forums aimed at evolving the development and use of real-world data to accelerate healthcare evidence development. Prior to co-founding HealthCore in 1996, he spent seven years on faculty at the Philadelphia College of Pharmacy and established and managed a clinical practice within an integrated delivery system owned by Blue Cross Blue Shield of Delaware where he oversaw the physician and patient clinical decision support, pharmacy policy, and clinical trials programs.

Thought Leadership
Research Position
Real-World Evidence: Enriching the Gold Standard

Under certain circumstances, opening up the design options in the pre-approval phases of drug development to include Pragmatic Clinical Trials (PCT’s) has the potential to greatly enrich and complement the findings from traditional RCT’s and, earlier in the drug approval process, broaden the generation of evidence more relevant to treated patients.

Research Position
Collaboration: A Key Driver of Change in Healthcare

Large-scale alliance collaborations present a massive opportunity for stakeholders to work together to inform the decisions that have the power to make healthcare safer, lower cost, and higher quality.