Julie Miller, MPH, PMP

Staff VP of Clinical Research

About Julie

Julie Miller is Staff VP of Clinical Research for HealthCore. Ms. Miller is responsible for overseeing all project management, site management and monitoring, and data management functional resources. In this role, she provides functional service provider and strategic resourcing solutions and oversees project delivery and governance. Ms. Miller has developed notable expertise in clinical trials and global project management.

She has a proven track record of operational leadership and innovation. She has served as a Data Coordinating Center Operations Principal Investigator in several federally funded networks and grants, in pediatric and underserved diseases. Ms. Miller has served on NERI’s Institutional Review Board and has contributed to many corporate policies and procedures.

Thought Leadership
Clinical Research
HealthCore Impact Study: Atenolol versus Losartan in Children and Young Adults with Marfan’s Syndrome

In celebration of HealthCore’s 25th Anniversary of Founder’s Day, we’re rolling out a series of articles highlighting some of our most impactful work.

Clinical Research
A Leader in Pediatric Research for 30 Years

Since its founding, our clinical research team has been deeply involved in the long-standing effort to improve these figures by conducting, or collaborating on, research in children and infants.

Clinical Research
Taking Data to the Cleaners

Research data can come in all degrees of “cleanliness.” Clean data are free of errors, out-of-range values, missing values, or misplaced values. It turns out that much can be done to improve the “cleanliness” of data — and our Resource Operations team is at the forefront of such efforts.