Judith J. Stephenson, SM

Principal Scientist, Patient-Centered Research

About Judith

Judith J. Stephenson, SM, is the Principal Scientist of Patient-Centered Research for HealthCore. She is responsible for providing senior leadership and oversight and acts as the subject matter expert in all areas of qualitative and quantitative survey research including research design, methodology, survey development, and analysis.

Ms. Stephenson is a biostatistician by training with more than 50 years of research experience in a variety of health-related settings. Since 2010, she has implemented more than 75 patient and physician qualitative and quantitative research studies at HealthCore. She has co-authored a book resulting from a longitudinal study of depression in families, published several book chapters, authored more than 75 articles in peer-reviewed journals, and presented her work at numerous national and international meetings.

Thought Leadership
Patient-Centered Research
Survey Research: Elements of a “Good” Survey

Survey research is a critical component of patient-centered research involving gathering information systematically from individuals by asking them questions about a specific topic or topics and generalizing the results to a larger population.