Collaboration for Innovation

Collaboration is key to innovation in health care. By fusing together disparate resources and diverse skillsets and perspectives, we can generate new knowledge and discoveries with the potential to solve some of health care’s greatest challenges.

As part of a collaboration with Anthem, Inc., the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania and the Leonard Davis Institute (LDI) of Health Economics, HealthCore will be studying and piloting new ideas with the aim of improving health care quality, accessibility and affordability for consumers.

Different from other HealthCore collaborations, which are generally focused on drug performance in a specific class or classes and how the use of the drugs is impacted by the real-world, our new collaboration includes research that covers multiple aspects of health care.

Together we will explore a variety of topics, such as health care quality, patient safety, payment reform, consumer engagement, real-word evidence and organizational transformation in an effort to translate research into solutions.

Though each collaborator can perform variations of this work on its own, this new collaboration will pave the way for each collaborator to bring specific skills to generate more robust results.

The LDI has access to skilled researchers with expertise in areas of behavioral economics, decision science and health services research, among other areas.

HealthCore brings skilled researchers with deep experience working with Anthem’s claims data, which are used as the foundation for our data-based environment containing data on one in eight Americans, who are members of Anthem’s affiliated health plans. This broad and deep data will help the research teams see nuances and dive deeper than they have been able to in the past.

We look forward to seeing the innovative fruits of this collaboration and the potential for the findings to deliver actionable information and improved health outcomes.

Read the press release, here.

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