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AHA Scientific Sessions 2020

November 13–17, 2020

AHA Scientific Sessions 2020

The American Heart Association’s Scientific Sessions, an instrumental annual conference to shape the future of cardiovascular science and medicine, offered more than 270 hours of presentations. For the first time ever, all 285 educational sessions from the event are available OnDemand and accessible through the end of 2021.


HealthCore Poster Presentations

Friday, November 13 | 9:00 – 10:00 AM

CH.APS.06 | Session: Fontan Outcomes
P938 | The Fontan Udenafil Exercise Longitudinal Trial Subgroup Analysis
Goldberg DJ, Gongwer R, Trachtenberg F, Lubert AM, Rhodes J, Penny DJ, Petit CJ, Schumacher KR, Ginde S, Williams RV, Yoon JK, Kim GB, Nowlen TT, DiMaria MV, Frischhertz BP, Wagner JB, McHugh KE, McCrindle BW, Cartoski M, Detterich JA, Yetman AT, John AS, Richmond ME, Yung D, Payne RM, Mackie AS, Davis CK, Shahanavaz S, Hill KD, Almaguer M, McBride MG, Goldstein BH, Pearson GD, Paridon SM

CH.APS.06 | Session: Fontan Outcomes
P944 | Impact of Udenafil on Vascular Function in Fontan Circulation: Results from the FUEL Trial
Goldstein BH, Goldberg DJ, Paridon S, Lam CQE, Ranganathan G, Jean-st-michel EM, Rathod R, Krishnan US, Chamberlain R, Jackson L, Ware A, Detterich JA, Ginde S, Sassalos P, Schamberger MS, Petit C, Shahanavaz S, Garuba OD, Woodford EJ, Weingarten A, Mietus-Snyder M, White DA, DiMaria M, Conner C, Christensen J, Khoury M, Yoon JK, Zak V, Urbina EM, Pediatric Heart Network Investigators

CH.APS.19 | Session: Imaging in Congenital and Pediatric Acquired Heart Disease
P2086 | Limited Relationship Between Echocardiographic Measures and Electrocardiographic Markers of Left Ventricular Dimensions in Healthy Children
Alexander ME, Gongwer R, Trachtenberg F, Minich L, Triedman JK, Kaltman J, Czosek RJ, Tristani M, LaPage MJ, Tsao S, Radbill AE, Dilorenzo M, Kovach JR, Stephenson EA, Janson C, Mao CY, Salerno JC, Mahgerefteh J, Pilcher TA, Johnson TR, Valdes SO, Jackson L, Saarel EV, Pediatric Heart Network Investigators


HealthCore Oral Presentation

Friday, November 13 | 9:00 – 10:00 AM

CH.AOS.769 | Session: Screening and Risk Assessment in Pediatric and Congenital Heart Disease
286 | Impact of Udenafil on Echocardiographic Indices of Single Ventricle Size and Function in Fuel Study Participants
Di Maria MV, Goldberg DJ, Paridon S, Lubert A, Dragulescu A, Mackie AS, McCrary A, Weingarten A, Parthiban A, Goot B, Goldstein BH, Taylor C, Lindblade C, Petit C, Spurney C, Harrild DM, Urbina EM, Schuchardt E, Trachtenberg F, Kim GB, Yoon JK, Colombo JN, Wang K, Files MD, Schoessling M, Ermis PR, Wong P, Garg R, Swanson S, Menon SC, Srivastava S, Thorsson T, Johnson T, Krishnan U, Frommelt PC

*HealthCore authors are indicated in bold.