About HealthCore

At HealthCore, we believe in advancing evidence-based care, because better-informed clinical practice and standards of care will strengthen our entire healthcare system, improve patient lives, and strengthen communities.
One of the biggest challenges facing healthcare today is to reduce gaps in evidence necessary to improve health outcomes. Our unique research position is fueled by expertise, relationships, and scientific rigor—always grounded in unparalleled data assets. In combination, these form a powerful research ecosystem in which we can identify the right question, evaluate efficiently, and analyze to make impactful decisions across the healthcare continuum, from treatment development through care delivery.

That’s a game-changer. That’s HealthCore:
Finding evidence and truth at the core of healthcare.

Brand Promise

We’re solving the problems others can’t by implementing new ways of thinking, and committing to more than just outcomes. We’re committing to developing evidence to drive better standards of care, fundamentally leading to better care.

Our Purpose

Our teams are working every day to generate evidence that is focused on answering the right questions which address the whole person.

Our Mission

All research serves a purpose and our mission is to ensure that our efforts ultimately provide answers that can improve lives and communities by simplifying healthcare and expecting that our research can do more to solve the gaps in evidence.

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