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At HealthCore, the key to our research is not the database, but the data environment.

It's not just about data but how our expertise and breadth of understanding about various real world data resources combine to see into near real-time medical practices both from the past and into the future.

As unique as our database is, nearly 43 million lives in commercial plans with deep penetration in 14 states, including California and New York this longitudinal claims database is the raw ingredient to building new knowledge that helps every day medical decision-making in the real world.

This broad and deep database of medical and pharmacy claims information, and laboratory result data combined with our scientific expertise and our ability to work closely with our health plans and ensure the validity of the raw data make up the HealthCore Integrated Research Database (HIRDSM), also known as our data environment.

The data environment, including access to electronic medical records (EMRs), medical charts, and an array of prospective information from patients, physicians and other healthcare professionals, creates the research environment that allows us to bring meaningful answers to our customers' questions.

We analyze medical care, procedures, drugs, devices, and other medical technologies or practices and fully integrate those insights with information we draw from our larger research environment, which allows us to reach into medical charts, electronic medical records (EMRs), surveys of patients or physicians, and inpatient services to provide near real-time insight.

Working with many healthcare databases over the years, we understand their limitations as they were originally developed not for research but to process claims. We leveraged our knowledge of these databases to develop a data environment that allows us to look at processes such as coding, benefit design, practice patterns and other issues that can introduce bias and prevent most databases from realizing their true potential for clinical research.

We have extended our data environment into prospective and concurrent research, creating a research environment that allows the integration of electronic medical records (EMRs), medical charts, and an array of prospective information from patients, physicians and other healthcare professionals.

All together, this environment can effectively answer our clients' real-world questions, a vital part of their healthcare policy and financial strategy and the health outcomes of millions of Americans.

The data environment is especially important in conducting comparative effectiveness research (CER) and safety research because it has the ability to highlight opportunities to balance interventional efforts with healthcare policy changes or medical decision-making.

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